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What Is This?

To be honest, I'm not really sure. It seems to be a place where various things from the Casual Communists can be dumped, such as all the various cursed_images or the many remarks about Robin's height (or lack thereof)

About The Casual Communists?

Also known as the 'Anti-Socials', The Casual Communists are a group of strange creatures that lurk in the darkness, either erecting strange buildings on Minecraft or creating cursed posters. They are known for their extended use of smart phones and tendency to create memes out of any situation. Such as The thing with the chairs.


Casual Communists are ordered in a council with a few different positions. Though dubbed a communist grouping, the council resembles that of the Jedi Council, with the same layout of roles. I guess we're the 'Casual Communists' for the memes!

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